Welcome to the Business IT Institute!

This is the faculty-maintained homepage for the Business IT Department at the IT University of Copenhagen. The department was created 1 January 2017 from the TIME and the TIP research groups. The department conducts research in many aspects of information systems and critical thinking, including process modelling, digital democracy, digital change, social innovation, IT security, as well as business and management. It is responsible for the IT University's education programs in DIM (Masters), GBI (Undergraduate) and ILM (Professional) but delivers curriculum also to other programmes such as SWU, DMD and Data Science.

Research Groups


  • Ahmad Ghazawneh, assistant professor
  • Alexander Richter, associate professor
  • Baki Cakici, assistant professor
  • Brit Ross Winthereik, associate professor
  • Christopher Gad, associate professor
  • Hanne Westh Nicolajsen, associate professor
  • Pedro Ferreira, assistant professor
  • Irina Shklovski, associate professor
  • Jan Pries-Heje, adjungeret professor
  • Jason Thatcher, professor (part-time)
  • John Gøtze, assistant professor (part-time)
  • Jose Abdelnour-Nocera. associate professor (part-time)
  • Klaus Nielsen, external lecturer
  • Klaus Oestergaard, external lecturer
  • Lars Rune Christensen, associate professor
  • Laura Watts, associate professor (part-time)
  • Lene Nielsen, associate professor
  • Lene Pries-Heje, associate professor (head of studies at ITU)
  • Marisa Cohn, associate professor
  • Mark Elam, adjunct professor
  • Oliver Müller, associate professor
  • Rachel Douglas-Jones, associate professor
  • Raffaele Ciriello, assistant professor
  • Roman Beck, professor | publications | student projects
  • Sabin Madsen, external lecturer
  • Sisse Finken, associate professor
  • Steffen Dalsgaard, associate professor
  • Vasiliki Baka, associate professor
  • Vasilis Galis, associate professor


  • James Maguire
  • Chris Zimmerman

PhD students

  • Alivelu Manga Mukkamal
  • Bastian Jørgensen
  • Christoph Müller-Bloch
  • Ester Fritsch
  • Gernot Rieder
  • Jannick Skou Hansen
  • Jannik Friberg Lindegaard
  • Jens Kötters
  • John Mark Burnett
  • Louise Harder Fischer
  • Mate Beštek
  • Michael Hockenhull
  • Mirka Hyvärinen
  • Mogens Frank Mikkelsen
  • Nanna Gorm Jensen
  • Peter Sommerauer
  • Sofie Stenbøg
  • Vasilieos-Spyridon Vlassis

Executive Assistant

  • Maria Vilsgaard Murphy (on maternity leave)
  • Sofie Nohr Jakobsen

Research Assistants

  • Gergana Petrova Romanova
  • Lea Enslev
  • Leonard Maxim
  • Mace Ojala
  • Marie Blønd
  • Niels Andreas Østman
  • Raluca Stana

Talks and visitors

Useful Links

https://intranet.itu.dk/guides/mtime (instructions on vacation and sick leave)

Other information


The department's faculty is located primarily in the 3B, 3C of the IT University, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark. The department's email alias (which reaches all internal members) is businessit@itu.dk