Business IT department meeting 1.6.2017

1. Dorthe Stadsgaard (SAP): Study Environment Assessment (10 min)

2. Information: In case of any inquiry of harassment of students, refer them to Lene Pries-Heje, Head of Studies.
Discussion: input to the action plan concerning Study Environment Assessment
3. Henrik and Lisbeth from Research Support: Follow up on relevant H2020 topics and ITU Expression of Interest (10 min)
4. Ethics committee membership, Aspen, Irina, Minna (orientation from Maria)
5. Call for EOI in OpenITU (Maria)
5. Advertised positions in IS, please diffuse
6. Revision of DIM (Christopher Gad)
7. Reports from TIP, TIME, Ethos & Build

1. Dorthe presents the main results from the survey.
This is the work environment assessment for students.
The Board of Studies own the assessment and they will decide on the actions to be taken on the background of this survey.
Only 19% of students responded to the questionnaire.
The social environment at ITU gets good scores.
71% feel motivated, 74% feel they've chosen the right programme.
Physical environment scores a bit lower than last - especially complaints about the air quality

  • workload
  • access to relevant information
  • access to study materials
  • offensive behavior (from a push in Scrollbar to gender related offenses (mainly on software programme))
  • Students' well being: Feel worn out

Gender discrimination seems to be an issue but it has not been addressed in the questionnaire.

The action plan will decide how we work on the problems/challenges - anybody can contribute with input to the action plan.
Contribution on two levels:
Official (more general) plan (by Board of Studies) - input can be sent to Dorthe
On a more informal level on e.g. programme level - Dorthe suggests to form a group if you want to work on this level
(make sure to document the work)

If you have questions or input to Dorthe and/or Board of Studies:

Christopher: please spread the word, that all courses on DIM are taught in English (all course material has to be in English as well) - there have been some complaints from students which came out in this report.

2. Lene Pries-Heje is a go-to person for the students in case of harassment, bullying etc.
There is no actual policy or process at the moment but it is in the pipeline.

3. Henrik and Lisbeth (RS)
5 activation modes at Research Support (2E)
Department support
Consultancy and advice
Grant preparation
Post-award (project support)

Christen is new in Research Support (has experience with research support from Computer Science Dept. in KU)

EoI: we will set up IoE consultancies - you can come to 2E and get support for you EoI application. June 8 and June 11.
Deadline for EoI: June 14

List and call text will be in Peter's office - please have a look and write your name if it could be of interest.

Lisbeth's presentation

4. Maria will send out email to ask for input to upcoming OpenITU events

5. Please let you network know of these calls in Business IT dept.

6. Status from Christopher: mandate to set down working group: Christopher Gad, Oliver Müller and SAP representative. We will try to get input from you all before summer - also from previous DIM students who are now part of the dept. Especially input on specialisations.
Stearing group: Peter E, Lene PH, Lene Nielsen, Camilla (from Comm. Dept.)
Employers' panel also have to be heard.

7. TIME: has been on retreat on Bornholm - discussed how we want to contribute teaching wise
TIP: Brit is now leading the TIP group (Lars Rune stepped down)
BuILD: we are discussing how to incorporate the lab activities in to the courses