1. News (5 min)
2. Call for EoI's (Jens Chr., 5 min)
3. Anti-bullying policy (Jens Chr., 15 min)
4. Overview allocation of project supervisors (Steffen, 10 min)
5. AOB


1. News (5 min)
- Innovation Fund Denmark visits ITU 29 November. You are welcome to invite external partners.
- New colleagues:
PhD student Hasib Ahsan
Assistant professor Jannick Schou Hansen

4. Overview allocation of project supervisors (Steffen, 10 min)
Students deadline for choosing possible supervisors is Monday 15 October. Do not say yes to any students, but wait until we allocate the students. If you wish to supervise a specific student, please ask the student to add you as first priority.

The Digital Design department has copied the process. Please note that the processes are parallel, it is not a joint allocation.

We expect you all in general to supervise 5-7 students. Very heavy teaching loads releases a decrease in number as very light teaching loads may increase the number. We think it is the best way to secure a transparent and fair process for everybody.

Please note 1) It is not 5-7 master students, 2) depending on how students group up, you might have to take on more supervision e.g. If you supervise a large group.

Brit: Can we make cluster supervision?
Steffen: Feel free to cluster supervision – also across topics and levels. The students are informed about this possibility. In order to save time, we encourage you to make a joint first supervision session with you students to clarify the supervision process.

Irina questions the fairness of the new allocation process, since the supervisors’ perspective is not taking into account. A result of this could be less probability of students contributing to the supervisors’ research.
Steffen: Hopefully, it will not make a difference since students choose a supervisor using the supervisors’ key research topics. We should also remember the unfairness of the current process where some students cannot find a supervisor.

Raffaele contributes with positive feedback on the new process so far: 1) more students are already thinking about their thesis/bachelor project. 2) Due to the keywords, it is easier to help students find relevant potential supervisors.

An idea to optimize on the keywords: if it is possible to link to a more detailed description of the key words. Steffen recommends to link to an updated PURE profile.

2. Call for EoI's (Jens Chr., 5 min)
Expressions of Interest (EoI’s) is an indication that you would like to apply for external funding in the future (for applications with deadlines in 2019 or later). EoI’s help us allocate support from research support. Deadline: 26 October.
The idea of step 1 in the EoI process is to prevent you spend time on an EoI if we already have chosen an applicant for a specific call.
The call for EoI’s is a biannual call, but you are always welcome to submit an EoI ad hoc.

3. Anti-bullying policy (Jens Chr., 15 min)
The policy is a follow-up on the work place assessment (APV). The ITU Safety board has decided on the policy.
Jens Christian stresses point 5 in the policy ‘when bullying occurs’.
Note that Gitte Stald is ITU’s new VIP union rep.

5. AOB
Reminder from Lene Nielsen: It is still possible to apply for grants from Infinit (innovations netværket for IT) for smaller projects. The grants are around 100.000 DKK. Note that you need to have a company involved. Infinit no longer demands collaboration with other universities. The money is easy to get and there is no reporting. No need for an EoI, you just send the application to Infinit.

Jens Christian thanks the department since this was his last meeting as acting Head of Department.