1. Minutes from the last meeting
2. Information: New VIP employee: Rafaelle Ciriello, Assistant Professor, Jason Thatcher (Professor @ 25%)
3. Administrative information:
- Updated form for registering external affiliations / guests https://intranet.itu.dk/administrative-abc/e/external-affiliations
Peter approves (informal), guest + host fill out form and send it to Maria who starts the formal approval procedure
- there are 4 department mailing lists:
  • || businessit@itu.dk || People hired at or affiliated with Business IT Department
  • || businessit_faculty@itu.dk || The faculty staff employed at the Business IT having one of the following positions (Assistant Professor, Head of Department, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Head of study programme, Assistant Professor, Head of study programme, Head of PhD School, Postdoc, Full Professor)
  • || businessit_phds@itu.dk || All PhD employed at Business IT and PhD school manager.
  • || businessit_vips@itu.dk || All the scientific staff employed at Business IT, except PhD.

The same patterns exist for computerscience and digitaldesign.

4. Reports from Program Leaders, Research Heads and Lab Managers.
a. TIP + ETHOS: Data as relation launch 9th March
b. BUILD: Business Innovation Lab (15th March) + NASA Space apps (28-30 April)
c. TIME: (1) Roman appointment as chief negotiator at DS (www.dsk.dk) for ISO blockchain standard
(2) Alexander Richter I4L IF grant (1.7M)

d. DIM revision (Christopher Gad)

7. Review the Tuesday lunch set-up (Maria)
8. AOB + Next meeting 1. June.


1. Minutes approved

2. Information
Welcome to Rafaelle who started April 1
Jason Thatcher has been hired as professor (25%)

3. Administrative information
Maria will check up on the email lists again (which ones is Peter E on? Head of PhD school off faculty list)

4. Reports
b. Vasiliki reports on activities in the BUILD lab
Nasa Space Apps event: working across labs (PiT etc)
Working with different researchers cross-departmental at ITU
c. 2 Eman, Hanne, Lene, and Oliver have received a grant (Innovation for Leadership)
d. The main reason for the revision is the restructuring of the programmes - the MSc's have to build more on top of the BSc programmes
There was an external panel visit in the Fall: recommendations: strengthen the technical component, create balance between constructive / practical and reflexive / critical components.
We will reshuffle courses and strengthen the profile of the programme.
The process has to be finished by Fall 2018 (?) so it will take effect for the students who are admitted Christmas 2018
We need to put down a work group: Marisa and Oliver have accepted - it would be good with two more. It's important to have group members from both TIME and TiP.
History: the MSc after GBI used to be E-business on CBS but many students didn't want to go to E-business and this is why DIM was developed.
Please let Christopher know if you would be interested in joining the work group.

5. Lunch
Should free food be provided at a monthly meeting or at TIME talks and TiP talks?
Share talk invitations with the whole department
Cancel Scrollbar booking (Maria)

Library committee (Mar)
Please suggest book purchases