Business IT Department meeting
Thursday, January 26, 2017, 12.00-13.00, 2A54


  1. News and reminders: 'Digital Methods approaches to data in organisation, management, or innovation' position offered to Baki Cakici (A/Prof) and Pedro Ferreira (adjunct, 3 years). Baki starts August 2017. Raffaele Ciriello fills the Information Management opening. Retention in 'Anthropological Approaches to Data and Infrastructures'. James Maguire appointed as postdoc with Brit. Administrative help Maria Vilsgaard Murphy (mail; office 2E10) remember to report 2016 publications in Pure; visitor hotel booking in Denmark must happen through, max 1020 DDK/night; new account strings for the new department and projects
  2. Department wikipage; administrative shortcuts; list of talks and visitors.
  3. Full Professor position has been advertised.
  4. Department budget 2017
  5. The DIM Programme Review
  6. Should we move faculty/Phds meetings to another day or timeslot?
  7. MUS
  8. 'Åbent Entreprenørskab'
  9. OpenITU Business IT representative, Sisse Finken
  10. Tilbagemelding fra stress workshopforløb
  11. Any other business


1. News and reminders
Maria Murphy is administrative support for all three department managers
Peter: How often do we meet? Currently we have planned to meet every six weeks.
Marisa: we should maybe have speaker's meetings once in a while to get to know each other but otherwise every six weeks is ok for department meetings.
No other comments - every six weeks is agreed on.
Welcome to new colleagues.
Remember to register in PURE.
Remember: there are new account strings (also for dims/gadget accounts)

2. Department wikipage
You can see the wikipage here

3. Department budget 2017
We have insufficient information at the moment - Finance will elaborate

4. DIM programme review
Marisa's presentation
(this is the presentation Marisa gave to the employers panel which she shared at the meeting)

The interdisciplinary skill was important to the Employers' panel
It is not so clear what technical skills are on DIM
- we should discuss what kind of technical skills are needed

We need to start the process sooner rather than later (cannot wait for Christopher's return)
We might want to bring in teaching from CS corner

What electives and specializations will we have?

Change will happen Fall 2018

DIM has by far the most applicants at ITU (MSc)

5. Meetings
Decision: PhD's should be invited

6. MUS
Remeber to book Peter for a MUS if you want
PhDs and postdocs book with supervisor

7. Åbent entreprenørskab
Two positions (filled in April or May) will be added to ITU Business Development - looking for entrepreneurial ideas at ITU
Terrific for ETHOS and BuILD to help students develop start-ups
The money is strictly for employment of people
Laura: what type of people will be hired (what set of skills)? - The call isn't out yet, so we don't know.

8. OpenITU Business IT representative
Sisse Finken is academic representative from Business IT, Jonas Fritsch from Digital Design, and Carsten Schürmann from Computer Science

9. Feedback from stress workshop
Mostly complaints about the PP model.
Peter: I don't look at the PP model at the individual level - it's more for the whole institute

The research group structure is important for the feeling of coherence
Brit: one of the stressful factors from the report, was that there is an uncertainty of what is expected from you - when are you performing well?
Sensible research production
Application for external research funding

Flexible attitude to what academic performance is.

Roman: MUS should determine this - set individual goals.

Rachel: how do you control individual PP performance vs. institute PP performance as a whole
Peter: I have to make good hiring decisions - this is my only instrument as HoD
Rachel: will we get punishment or support for "failure" in the PP system
Peter: it will be an individual judgement. Jens Chr. still has a say as well

Marisa: how will we support junior researchers? We should have a clear path and a shared culture on how we handle assistantship
Peter: we have two quite different disciplines/subcultures in TiP and TIME - therefore we need to look at individual levels

10. Other