1. Introduction of new staff: Arisa Shollo, Baki Cakici, Christoph Müller-Bloch
  2. On open access and the BFI portal (10 min) - presented by Peter Forsmann
  3. We need a volunteer to Research Co-operation and Safety Board: See terms of reference
  4. Administrative info: external affiliation form
    - fill in a more elaborate explanation as to what the purpose of the visit is + key and access card for visitors (Maria)
  5. On office space: anyone want to shift to 5B?
  6. English and Danish lessons
  7. TIP, ETHOS, TIME and Build reports
  8. Status on educational programs: GBI, DIM & ILM

1. Arisa, associate professor, was previously at CBS. Originally from Greece.
Baki, assistant professor, previously sociology dept. at Goldsmiths, originally computer scientist.
Christoph was previously student assistant with Roman - now PhD student.

2. Open access policy. Peter from Research Support.
Peter's presentation:

ITU Research Policy: research must be made as public as possible

OA file types:
Pre.-print submitted manuscript
Post-print: accepted peer-reviewed manuscript without publisher logo

Before it was enough to enter the DOI - now you have to upload pre-print or post-print manuscript. The best file is the post-print.

If in doubt, go to SHERPA/ROMEO and/or Creative Commons webpage.
In mid October Peter will push for pre-print manuscripts from 2016 if they are missing. Please ask Peter, if in doubt.

You need to upload the file (link is not enough).

You need to upload your publications to PURE to get BFI points.

3. The provost and a faculty member from each department - we need a volunteer from Business IT. Talk to Peter.

4. Always use the form found on the ABC

5. Management have given Business IT 5B for disposal. It's a temporary solution until the great office plan is revealed later this year.

6. Deadline for signing up for Danish (or English) lessons is August 29.
Your spouse can also take Danish lessons (they have to pay for it).

7. TiP: Brit took over as Head.
Trying to make the meetings less focused on administrative issues and more on research.
Lucy Suchman and Andrew Clemens is visiting in October - there will be public lectures in this connection.
Every Wednesday there's an STS salon 12-13 in 3A08.
Shut up and write: 13-17 on Wednesdays.
Noortje Marres is doing a seminar, September 21.

ETHOS: a few new employees.
New DIM students are in the lab currently.
September 6: Virtue project and ITU: discussing ethics in connection with data.

TIME: European Blockchain seminar last week at DIKU.

BuILD: Lab Manager position is now advertised.

8. Christopher on DIM revision: looking into a new structure of DIM - will be discussed at a teachers' meeting in mid September - it's very important that you participate. For people teaching on the first semester: be aware that this is the old programme and if asked about the revision by current students, please inform them that a revision is a normal part of development at a university - the new programme will not be "better" than this one.

Hanne on ILM: many applicants this year. Kick-off yesterday - seems like we have more women this year.

We still need to plan a social function for the department. Any suggestions? Please contact Maria or Peter if you want to take part in the planning or have any ideas.

Is the name of the department Business IT Department or Department of Business IT?
In Danish it is Institut for Business IT
In English it is Business IT Department